Cellular – Interstate

Crews are placing cellular concrete to plug a void around a large sanitary sewer (repaired over the weekend) on Interstate 29.

Foam is mixed with a Portland slurry in our pump and then delivered to form an end product (cellular concrete) that is lighter than soil but much stronger. When pumped, cellular concrete is highly fluid and used to fill voids under roadways, plug abandoned pipes, stabilize interior building voids, etc.

Through our sister company Civil Engineers & Constructors, LLC, we can custom mix cellular concrete for just about any application and RP Constructors, LLC completes the field work. We are the only Contractor locally or within 100+ miles that has a pump this large, and the only design/build engineering/construction company that self-performs all aspects of this work (design, construction, etc.).

Feel free to message me info@rpconstructors.com or email travist@rpconstructors.com for more information on your particular application.