Cellular – Warrior

Cellular concrete is a mixture of cement, water and pre-formed foam.

This material is mixed to a specified density and pumped into any void. It’s also insulating. You get an R-Value (resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material) of about 1 per inch, so 12” is an R-value of 12. It is often used for plugging pipes, or as shown in this case, filling a large void in a building. Cellular concrete can be provided at any density desired. As it gets heavier, it gets stronger but also more expensive.

One major benefit for cellular is the strength one obtains (stronger than soil) with less weight. For comparison purposes (all weights in 1-cubic foot of volume): water 62.4 lbs, concrete 70-140 lbs, clay or sand around 100 lbs. The material shown here weighs around 35 lbs. Less weight means less pressure on underlying soils so less settlement or consolidation. Unlike rock or soil, cellular is reasonably self-leveling.

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